“They can’t steal my Voice and they can’t steal my Joy.”

My father taught me the ‘Power of the Pen’ and my mother taught me the ‘Beauty of Presentation.’  An upbringing of world travel and experiencing diverse cultures deeply influenced my love for literature, music and the arts.

While my passion for dramatic performance is definitely a consequence of my astir imagination, my purpose cannot be denied.  I have been ‘called’ to write.  In this, there is nothing to ask.  There is nothing to say.  Everything is in silence.  It’s not about me.  I am just a vessel of the Most High.  He is the Author and Finisher.

. . . Of making many books there is no end . . .  Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:  Fear YAH, and keep his commandments:  for this is the whole duty of man.  For YAH will bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

Ecclesiastes 12:12-14