Sacred Texts: Tehilliym/Psalms 62:2; Nag Hammadi, Secret Book of John.

Tannaim Poetry Copyright 2021. Artwork by: Unknown. Pinterest Collection. Music by: Music of Morocco: Chillout & Traditional Music (Hatim Belhouari, Youtube.com)

Written for my mother in all of her grandiose. This piece takes on her accent, namely that amplifyed “oi” she would add to every “o” . . . and still hangs in my mind.

Written (Original Copyright 2000) recited and recorded by Tannaim 2018. Music: The African Classical Music Ensemble with Tunde Jegede. Artistry: Tanabe Studio (Etsy).

An Ode to Le’a the Unloved

Le’a pleads against the inevitable . . .

Bere’shyth (Genesis) 29:23-30

Tannaim Poetry Copyright 2018. Music: Adagio. Artistry: Unknown Artist.

Colored . . . Negro . . . Black . . . African-American . . .

Emphatically . . . Hebrew

Re-written (original copyright 2000) recited and recorded by Tannaim, 2018. Music: A mix of Strange Fruit (Instrumental) The Professionals; Vuvuzela African Horn (Zulu boy); and, The African Hebrew Heritage Ensemble, Zulu 6-8 (Drumming). Artistry: Deviant Art, African Woman by Drucilka