Never has a woman been so close to the threat of death and the touch of her truest love, all at the same time . . .

The Queen, The Gift and The Grace of Yah

Tannaim Poetry Copyright 2021. Music By: Graham Anthony Devine, Guitar Music from Brazil, Agua e Vinho (Water and Wine). Artistry By: African American King and Queen, Crown Lovers Couple, Canvas Prints, Faizash.


In this poem. a man puts away his wife to marry another, because of the lust of his flesh.

A woman pleads against the inevitable . . . Divorce.

SEALED PORTION: Polpu Vuh, Maya Bible (Israelite Sacred Texts) – Matthew 5, original scriptures and chapter removed from Bible by the Abominable Church . . . “One Man, One Woman” (as in the Book of Remembrance) and the err of practicing polygamy.

Tannaim Poetry Copyright 2018. Music: Adagio. Artistry: Unknown Artist.