Sacred Texts: Tehilliym/Psalms 62:2; Nag Hammadi, Secret Book of John.

Tannaim Poetry Copyright 2021. Artwork by: Unknown. Pinterest Collection. Music by: Music of Morocco: Chillout & Traditional Music (Hatim Belhouari, Youtube.com)

A satirical take on “on-line” dating—with a classical twist!

Written, recited and recorded by Tannaim, 2018. Artwork: Delilah Arts (Etsy.com) Dark Sea Girl (Lost But Not Found). Music: Alred Schnittke, Clowns und Kinder (1976).

First love . . . a religious strait. A trespass of lyrical reflection . . .

“Vietato L’ingresso”

Written, recited and recorded ny Tannaim 2018. Music: (Music Source Unknown) Photo: Zachary Debottis (Pexels.com)

Written for my mother in all of her grandiose. This piece takes on her accent, namely that amplifyed “oi” she would add to every “o” . . . and still hangs in my mind.

Written (Original Copyright 2000) recited and recorded by Tannaim 2018. Music: The African Classical Music Ensemble with Tunde Jegede. Artistry: Tanabe Studio (Etsy).

Man and trees have a sacred relationship. Not only do they share the same DNA . . . they depend on one another in life . . . and in death.

“Take me with you . . .”

Written, recited and recorded by Tannaim 2018. Music: Sakura, Bamboo Flute. Photo: By Luizclas. (Pexels.com)